What Do We Offer?

The mission of Carondelet Leadership Academy is to prepare young men and women with a solid foundation of basic academic and social skills, which will ensure success both at the secondary school level and for future participation in post-secondary education and/or the workplace. Thus, our academic program focuses on affording students numerous experiences that demand a collegiate level of excellence.

Students have an increased reading and an extended mathematics program.  The core of the academic design is to utilize the full day to present challenging content in core subjects, while providing enrinchment such as visual art, music, theatre, media, physical education and coding.

Our students focus on the basics of reading and math, but experience learning through real-life learning, persuasive reasonsing or scientific exploration.  This integrated, experiential approach empowers students to construct their own meaning and build connections in their minds to their community and future careers.


The curriculum at Carondelet is driven by clear performance standards for what students should know and be able to do. For each grade level, standards are based on national and state curriculum frameworks. Teachers use regular assessments to measure how well students are mastering the standards.


We use knowledge about student skills to shape whole class instruction, small group work and tutoring. Using individual student data, instruction can be targeted to better meet individual student needs.  Our teachers don't simply rely on textbooks; rather, they assess student academic skills and defiencies needed to target instruction appropriately.