Carondelet Leadership Academy seeks to create a challenging learning environment that encourages high expectations for success through developmentally appropriate instruction that allows for individual differences and learning styles.  Our school strives to prepare young men and women with a solid foundation of basic academic and social skills, which will ensure success both at the secondary school level and for future participation in post-secondary education and/or the workplace.

We seek to accomplish our mission through the creation of an educational institution utilizing a rigorous curriculum, high quality teachers, a critical thinking/problem solving teaching strategy, and a school culture that encourages and respects students, welcomes parent involvement and rewards teachers as professionals. 


Our vision is for Carondelet Leadership Academy to be known for its ability to 
transform the lives of students and for its resolve to incite excellence within the 
Carondelet community and the city of St. Louis.  Carondelet Leadership Academy 
will be a premier community asset that not only stems the tide of families moving out of the area, but also attracts families to move into the area because of our high-quality academic program, strong parent and community involvement, and 
unwavering commitment to a culture of success.  We strive to create a neighborhood school that becomes a magnet for neighborhood activities and is a school of which the entire community is proud.